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Advances in Bulgarian Science

About the periodical

The annual editions of Advances in Bulgarian Science are published to the end of making popular the achievements of contemporary Bulgarian science in various thematic areas. Each annual edition is published in English and the aims its contents pursues cover:

  • to reveal the research, development, and innovation activities of Bulgarian scientists and outline their top achievements in the country;
  • to disseminate the scientific results the R&D teams have obtained by working on various projects supported by national science programmes;
  • to acquaint the international science community with the national laureates of prestigious awards by highlighting their contribution;
  • to inform the readers about significant events in the science life in this country.

Ever since 2006, each issue of this annual edition has been indexed in the full-text database of EBSCO Publishing Inc., in the reference and bibliographical databases of VINITI – Moscow, and in Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory as well.
Since 2015 this periodical has been published in a digital format only.
Last issue 2018.