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Recognition of higher education acquired at foreign higher educational institutions: “Doctor”, “Doctor of Sciences”


1. How can I apply for recognition?

You can submit an application in person at the NACID Administrative Service Center, through a proxy or electronically through the center's electronic portal.

2. Do the certificates for recognized scientific degrees, issued by the National Centre for Information and Documentation (NACID) have a specific period of validity?

No. The certificates for recognized educational and scientific degrees "Doctor" or scientific degree "Doctor of Sciences" issued by NACID are indefinitely valid.

3. Is there a fee for the administrative service of the recognition procedure of educational and scientific degree "Doctor" and scientific degree "Doctor of Science" and the issuance of a certificate?

The procedure for recognition of educational and scientific degrees "Doctor" or scientific degree "Doctor of Sciences", maintained by NACID, is free of charge for all Bulgarian citizens, foreigners and persons with refugee status.

4. Do I have to submit paper originals of the documents in case I have submitted an electronic application?

Yes, the original of the dissertation and the abstract must be submitted at NACID, because after the recognition procedure, the documents are submitted ex officio and remain deposited in the Scientific, Technical and Pedagogical Library for the purposes of entry in the Register of academic staff and the defended dissertations. The cited register has public access and lists ex officio the persons, who have acquired scientific degrees abroad, after being recognized in accordance with the legislation.

5. In which cases will your certificate be useful to me?

In case you wish to work in Bulgaria in a position other than academic or postdoctoral and the potential employer requires a certificate issued by NACID, as well as for other purposes, when a Bulgarian competent authority requires our certificate.

6. Can I occupy an academic or postdoctoral position with your certificate and be appointed/employed as such with it?

No. In these cases, you should have official recognition decision from the higher education institution or scientific organization of your choice, on the basis of which you will be appointed/employed to the relevant academic or postdoctoral position.

7. I have received a positive decision for recognition by NACID for facilitating my access to the labor market and a negative decision by a scientific organization/university for holding a scientific/postdoctoral position. Can I still insist on being appointed to a scientific/postdoctoral position on the basis of a positive decision of NACID?

No. The decisions of one recognition authority (in this case NACID) do not oblige in any way the decisions of any other recognition body. Our recognition decision does not permit the access to the labor market, rather it is intended for facilitating the access to the labor market outside of research/postdoctoral positions.

8. Why my habilitation thesis from abroad cannot be recognized as a doctoral dissertation by NACID?

Because by defending your habilitation thesis in the relevant country, you have acquired the right to hold a scientific position, not a scientific degree.

9. How can I receive the final decision from the procedure for recognition of a scientific degree obtained abroad?

Personally at the Administrative Service Center of NACID, or through a proxy or through a licensed courier company at the address specified by you and at your expense, including courier service outside the country (when submitting the documents, a declaration is filled that the shipment will be at recipient’s expense). The method of receipt is of your choice and is indicated when filling out the application. This is applicable for all your originals, submitted at NACID.

10. Can I follow the status of my application online in the NACID information system?

Yes, in the NACID electronic services portal you can track the status of your application after entering your incoming number (example 08-00-100/01.01.2019), access code is your TIN/LNCH and security code that is generated by the system.:

Staff members in our Administrative Service Center are ready to assist you in case of  difficulties and for further information.

11. Can I just apply without a degree?

In case that you submit an application without having attached any of the required documents listed in item 2 of section 4. What documents should I submit, the administrative procedure for recognition of higher education in NACID is suspended. If you do not submit them within seven days from the date of notification, the procedure is going to be terminated.

12. I have been informed that there are deficiencies in my application. What follows?

You should remove the indicated deficiencies within seven days from the date of notification. Otherwise, the procedure is going to be terminated.