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Recognition of higher education acquired in foreign higher educational institutions: “Doctor”, “Doctor of Sciences”

The recognition of acquired educational and scientific degree "doctor" and scientific degree "doctor of sciences" is a right of Bulgarian citizens, foreign citizens and foreigners with international protection provided who have studied in higher education institutions/scientific organizations established and operating in accordance with the national legislation in the country where the higher education was acquired.

The recognition of scientific degrees, corresponding to the educational and scientific degree "doctor" and scientific degree "doctor of sciences" acquired in foreign higher education institutions/scientific organizations, is the official written confirmation of the value of the awarded scientific degree or other similar document issued by an educational/scientific institution recognized by a competent state authority as part of the system of secular higher education of the country concerned.

The recognition procedure is intended to qualification holders who had graduated abroad and wish to continue their education or work in Bulgaria.

The National Center for Information and Documentation provides information on inquiries from citizens and institutions about the academic status of foreign higher education institutions and research organizations and the legitimacy of diplomas issued by them, the level and nature of different educational and scientific degrees and other topical issues.

The electronic services portal and the unified information system facilitate the submission of documents and the follow-up of the procedure online.