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Recognition of higher education acquired at foreign higher educational institutions: “Doctor”, “Doctor of Sciences”


The procedure for recognition of the educational and scientific degree "Doctor" or the scientific degree "Doctor of Sciences" in NACID includes the following main stages:

  • Verification of the academic status of the higher education institution or scientific organization that had issued the diploma for the awarded scientific degree. The academic status of the institution where the training had been provided or the dissertation had been defended is also being verified, in cases where it is different from the degree awarding institution.
  • Verification of the authenticity of documents submitted.
  • Assessment of the data from the documents and evaluation of the conformity of the degree obtained abroad with the educational and scientific degree “Doctor” and/or scientific degree “Doctor of Sciences” in the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • Taking a decision for recognition of educational and scientific degree "Doctor" and / or the scientific degree "Doctor of Sciences", refusal of recognition or for termination of the procedure.
  • Issuance of a legally binding recognition statement: certificate for recognized higher education; decision for refusal; or a termination decision.