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Recognition of higher education acquired at foreign higher educational institutions: “Doctor”, “Doctor of Sciences”


Recognition documents can be submitted by individuals or legal entities in three ways:

5.1. Submission of the application in person at the Center for Administrative Services (CAO) of NACID with an identity document

It is necessary to present an original identity document for verification of the data from the ID card or another national identity document (for foreign citizens). The original is returned immediately after comparing the data.

5.2. Submission of the application, through an authorized person in the Center for Administrative Services (CAO) of NACID

In cases where the persons are parents, children or spouse of the applicant, they can certify their status as legal representatives with a document certifying their civil status (birth certificate, certificate of family relationship).

Lawyers can certify their status as representatives with a power of attorney or a written power of attorney from citizens, for which no notary certification is required.

When the representatives are organizations (within the meaning of § 1, item 2 of the Administrative Procedure Code), the citizens are represented by a written power of attorney with a notary certification of the signature. When submitting an application, organizations are represented by:

  • Representatives by law (with a copy of the certificate of current status);
  • person authorized by a legal representative, with a written power of attorney with a notary certification of the signature (with a copy of a certificate of good standing).

If the name on the diploma is different from the name on the identity document, a document certifying the identity of the names must also be attached.

The power of attorney is valid only in original.

Upon re-authorization, the power of attorney's authorization must explicitly state "TO RE-AUTHORIZE" or similar text.

5.3. Submission of the application electronically

In cases of electronic submission of the documents, scanned copies of the required documents must be attached to the application.

Access to the electronic services of NACID

Only applications accompanied by all the necessary documents are accepted for recognition.