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Regulated professions in Bulgaria

The term “regulated profession” was introduced into Bulgarian legislation in 2006 with amendments to the Higher Education Act and Vocational Education and Training Act

Regulated profession

A "regulated profession" is an activity or range of activities:

  • included into the List of Regulated Professions in the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • of social significance and/or having considerable importance for people’s life and health;
  • the taking up or pursuit of which is subject, by virtue of laws, regulations or administrative provisions, to the possession of evidence of education and training, an attestation of competence or membership in an organization recognized by the state.

Legal provisions

The legal provisions for the mutual recognition of diplomas and professional qualifications are divided into two groups:

  • The first group concerns measures for the creation and introduction of a general system for the recognition of diplomas and other certificates for acquired qualifications or a successfully completed training course required for the pursuit of a regulated profession.
  • The second group includes the regulations concerning several specific branches of professional activity in the regulated professions.

Professions EU - Bulgaria

If you are a national of the EU, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, or Switzerland and wish to pursue a regulated profession in Bulgaria, select a profession from the list of Regulated Professions, represented: