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Major activities

NACID performs a variety of activities as follows:

  • It performs the functions of a National Information Centre for Academic Recognition and Mobility in the sense of Art. IX.2 of the Convention for recognizing qualifications pertaining to higher education within the European region (in accordance with the Lisbon Convention), whereby NACID is member of the ENIC/NARIC European networks as well.
  • It organizes the procedure of recognizing higher education acquired in foreign higher educational institutions to the purpose of facilitating access to the labour market, as well as for other purposes when applicants have a rightful legal interest for such recognition.
  • It issues certificates for acquired professional qualifications in the non-regulated professions on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria, which the applicants need to access or practice regulated professions on the territory of another country.
  • It maintains an information database in Bulgarian and English containing the list of regulated professions in Republic of Bulgaria together with the terms and conditions for accessing and practicing them, as well as information concerning the regulated professions in the member countries of the European Union.
  • It performs the functions of an assistance Centre in the sense of Art. 57b of Directive 2005/36/EO of the European Parliament and the European Council concerning the recognition of professional qualifications in compliance with the Professional Qualifications Recognition Act.
  • It secures bibliographical and analytical information for the Ministry of Education and Science and the various structures of the executive authorities, the National Assembly, the Presidential Administration and other interested organizations and private individuals in support of the following areas: the harmonization of the Bulgarian regulations in the area of education, science, and innovations with the legal framework of the European Union, the elaboration of concepts, strategies, and programmes, and the familiarization of the rest of the world with the achievements of Bulgarian science.
  • It elaborates and disseminates information products and services.
  • It prepares information issues in printed and online formats.
  • It maintains a Register of academic staff in Republic of Bulgaria.
  • It compiles, stores, processes, and provides science, technical and pedagogical literature and information for in-house use in its Research Library reading rooms.