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About the National Centre for Information and Documentation (NACID)


The National Centre for Information and Documentation (NACID) is a legal person funded by the Government budget and is a second tier spender of budget funds under the Minister of Education and Science. Its registered domicile is at № 52A, Dr. G. M. Dimitrov Blvd., Sofia.


NACID secures access to a variety of information resources, maintains a database, creates information products and provides services, all of which support the development and advancement of education, training, and science.

The Centre provides assistance aimed at facilitating the mobility of citizens on the labour market by delivering information and services concerning the following areas:

  • recognition of higher education acquired at foreign higher educational institutions, whereby NACID performs the functions of a National Centre for academic recognition and mobility;
  • issuance of certificates for the non-regulated professions in Bulgaria, which enjoy a regulated status elsewhere in the world;
  • recognition of the right of citizens and competent authorities to practice a given profession in other countries via the EU Internal Market Information System.


High quality and effective information and administrative services provided to citizens and institutions within the scope of the competencies NACID has been entrusted with.

Our values are as follows:

  • Exceptional professionalism – competent administration and service delivery at a highly professional level. Striving for continuous development and self-improvement of the employees.
  • Ethical behavior – responsive staff which respects ethical standards and works with care and respect for all consumers and each other.
  • Transparency – at each stage of service delivery the consumers can monitor the performance of their requested services and interact with employees.
  • Full satisfaction of consumers – the efforts of the administration are aimed at timely and quality service to applicants.
  • Responsibility – everyone of the employees takes and performs willingly the assigned tasks, qualitatively and in accordance with the deadlines, justifying and explaining his actions to the relevant stakeholders.
  • Leadership and management, oriented towards the achievement of the goals of NACID – management staff that is an example of professionalism for the employees and gives motivation to achieving of the organizational goals. Leaders have the ability to recognize and evaluate the talents of individual employees and to stimulate their use for improving the organization.


The management of the National Centre for Information and Documentation is performed and represented by Mrs. Vanya Grashkina-Mincheva – CEO of NACID.