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qENTRY – International Database on Higher Education Entry Qualifications

project № 619617-EPP-1-2020-1-IT-EPPKA3-NARIC

The project

The project is implemented by ENIC-NARIC centres of five countries: Italy (coordinator), Belgium Flemish community, Bulgaria, the Netherlands and Poland.

Main goal

To further enrich the existing Q-ENTRY database with samples of national secondary education qualifications granting access to higher education both from a geographical and a quantitative point of view.

Specific objectives

Further enhancement of the database as a valuable tool to spread knowledge about qualifications giving access to higher education and their mutual automatic recognition and to share information with the widest possible audience.

Target groups

  • National centres for academic recognition and mobility from the ENIC-NARIC Network;
  • Higher education institutions;
  • Credential evaluators;
  • European Commission and International organisations;
  • Evaluation agencies;
  • Student associations;
  • Employers who recruit individuals with foreign qualifications;
  • All the stakeholders involved in the recognition of qualifications giving access to Higher Education.

Project duration

1st October 2020 – 31th August 2022

Main activities

The project is going further with the dissemination of the database itself as a tool for the enhancement of mutual automatic recognition of qualifications giving access to higher education.

A toolbox with existing examples and practices from the project partner countries about the state of the art of the mutual automatic recognition of secondary education qualifications giving access to higher education in partner countries will also be developed and published.

Project partners

Logos and Information
Logo - CIMEA Information Center for Mobility and Academic Equivalences (CIMEA), Italy (coordinator)
Logo - NARIC Vlaanderen NARIC Vlandeeren, Belgium Flemish community
Logo - NACID Nacional Centre for Information and Documentation – Bulgarian ENIC/NARIC
Logo - NUFFIC, the Netherlands NUFFIC, the Netherlands
Logo - Polish ENIC/NARIC Polish ENIC/NARIC