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Section INFOworld

The quarterly information bulletin disseminates information about the development, innovations, good practices, and achievements in education, training, science, and the R&D environment. This bulleting highlights:

  • the novelties in management and structure models of education and science;
  • the structuring of the European research space and the European university space;
  • trends in the science and technology policy and innovations;
  • information systems and instruments in education and science;
  • the relationships between science and industry, as well as the best practices emerging in this area;
  • the strategies for life-long learning and the programmes for qualification and specialization.

Higher education and science
p-ISSN 1314-8958 e-ISSN 2367-9417

4 2019 INFOworld - Higher education and science

School education and youth
p-ISSN 1314-8966 e-ISSN 2367-9425

4 2019 INFOworld - School education and youth

Section Topical programmes and events

ISSN 1313-0749
Last issue

12 2019 e-bulletin Topical programmes and events

This monthly online bulletin contains topical information on:

  • the career development of teachers, lecturers, scientists and research fellows;
  • the opportunities for funding projects focused on national educational and science programmes;
  • opportunities for bilateral exchange of scientists and joint research activities under EU framework programmes and other similar initiatives;
  • open programme schemes under the EU operating programmes;
  • academic and post-doctoral specializations, grants and post-graduate qualifications under national, bilateral, and multilateral programmes;
  • forthcoming events, information days, conferences, and workshops in the area of education, science, innovations, youth problems, and youth policies;
  • the new information products offered by NACID.

Section Pedagogium

Last issue

5 2023 e-bulletin PEDAGOGIUM

This monthly online bulletin contains information about newly acquired publications by the library in the area of education and pedagogy, e.g.:

  • Bulgarian and foreign books;
  • selected articles from the latest issues of various periodicals;
  • defended dissertations.

The information has been structured thematically, and the periodicals in the different sections have been arranged by kind and in an alphabetical order respectively.