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Recognition of higher education acquired at foreign higher educational institutions


6.1. Issuance of Certificate for recognized higher education

The academic recognition is a formal written confirmation of the value of a higher education diploma or of another equivalent document issued by an educational institution recognized by a competent state authority as part of the system of secular higher education of the country concerned. The positive recognition decision of NACID represents a certificate, containing the following data:

  • Applicant's name, ID number, date and place of birth, citizenship;
  • The recognized educational qualification degree and the respective recognised specialty/major;
  • The name of the foreign higher education institution and the name of the country where the higher education had been completed;
  • The degree and specialty, originally awarded by the foreign higher education institution.

The Certificate for Recognition of acquired higher education applies only to the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and does not confer to its holder any rights which may be used in relations with third parties.

The Certificate does not grant access to professions for the exercise of which there are special requirements determined by law or by other normative act. For the regulated professions in Bulgaria read more in Section 2. Which are the competent recognition authorities?, step 2.3.

The certificate has specific protective features against counterfeiting.

6.2. Negative recognition decision/ Refusal of recognition.

Recognition is not granted when substantial differences exist between the data from the submitted documents and the state requirements for acquiring higher education in the Republic of Bulgaria.

The following documents are subjects to negative recognition decision/refusal of recognition:

  1. A document, that is not a diploma or another similar qualification for higher education, which had not been issued by an educational institution, recognized by a competent state authority as part of the system of secular higher education of the respective country.
  2. A diploma, issued by a foreign higher education institution, recognized by a competent state authority of the country in which the higher education institution is situated as part of its system of secular higher education, but the education had been provided in structures on the territory of another country, the creation of which and the operation of which violate the legislation of the corresponding country.
  3. A document certifying the completion of a higher education, which- after a verification- turns out it had not been issued by the respective higher education institution.

The negative decision may contain a recommendation on the possible steps, that could be taken in order to obtain recognition at a later stage, including additional exams.

The Negative recognition decision may be appealed in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Code.

6.3. Termination of the procedure

The procedure for recognition of foreign higher education in NACID is terminated:

  • at the written request of the applicant or the person authorized by him/her;
  • in the case of non-submission within two months of the required additional documents.

The procedure shall be terminated by an order of the Executive Director of NACID or an authorized official.

All other issues related to the Certificate and/or the final recognition decision are commented in the "Frequently asked questions" section.