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Recognition of higher education acquired at foreign higher educational institutions


The recognition of higher education, acquired in foreign higher education institutions is carried out by different competent authorities depending on the purposes of recognition. The common regulatory framework for all recognition authorities is the Ordinance on Academic Recognition, while the specific administrative procedures are subject to internal regulations of the different authorities.
Ordinance on Academic Recognition (in Bulgarian)

2.1. I wish to continue my education in Bulgaria

If you wish to continue your education in Bulgaria, to apply for PhD studies or to complete a further education or training, the competent authority for the recognition of your foreign qualification is the Rector of the accredited Bulgarian higher education institution you have chosen to study in.

Where can I check, which are the accredited Bulgarian higher education institutions and the academic programmes they offer?

National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency

Ministry of education and science (MES)

After selecting a higher education program and a specialty in an accredited Bulgarian higher education institution, you can apply directly to it for academic recognition.

2.2. I wish to pursue a non-regulated profession in Bulgaria

In case you wish to pursue a non-regulated profession in Bulgaria with your foreign higher education, you have direct access to the labor market, and you can contact directly the potential employer, who is competent to recognize your foreign qualification.

You can contact NACID if the potential employer or other Bulgarian authority explicitly requires from you a certificate for academic recognition, issued by our center.

The certificate for recognized higher education is an official written confirmation of the value of your foreign qualification in Bulgaria. It is intended to facilitate your access to the labor market rather than to permit it.

See Section III of NACID's Regulations (in bulgarian)

2.3. I wish to work in Bulgaria but my profession is regulated

What is a regulated profession?

“Regulated profession” is an activity or a set of activities of public importance and / or essential for the life and health of persons the exercise of which is determined by law, regulation or administrative provision for the possession of a specific professional qualification , capacity or membership in a state recognized professional organization.

The pursuing of a regulated profession, acquired outside Bulgaria, requires special recognition of the right to exercise it in Bulgaria. Recognition in these cases is in accordance with Directive 2005/36 / EC and the Law on the recognition of professional qualifications.

List of regulated professions in the Republic of Bulgaria

You can check which are the regulated professions in Bulgaria and which are the competent authorities, responsible for recognizing the right to exercise each regulated profession.

In alphabetical order By category

After you have clarified which is the competent authority, responsible for recognizing your regulated profession, you should contact it directly for recognition of the right to exercise the profession in Bulgaria.