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Recognition of higher education acquired at foreign higher educational institutions


The academic recognition procedure in NACID includes the following main stages:

  • Verification of the academic status of the higher education institution that has issued the diploma and the completed higher education programme. Verification of the academic status of the institution conducting the training in cases where it is different from the higher education institution that issued the diploma.
  • Verification of the authenticity of higher education qualifications.
  • If any of the earlier verifications had been concluded with a negative result, the procedure will not continue, for which a written notification will be made to the applicant.
  • Assessment of the compliance of the data from the presented diploma and diploma supplement with the state requirements for acquiring higher education in the Republic of Bulgaria. This is the actual assessment and recognition, and it is applicable for the diplomas, for which all previous verifications had finished positively.
  • Adoption of a decision for recognition of the higher education degree with professional qualification if such is present, for Refusal of recognition or for termination of the procedure.
  • Issuance of a legally binding decision: certificate for recognized higher education; decision for refusal; or a termination decision.

When making the final decision, the following indicators are taken into consideration:

  • way of enrollment of students;
  • duration of education;
  • total study load of the subjects and/or credits gained;
  • the proportion of the courses and their study load which provide the fundamental, the special and the specializing learning;
  • the proportion of the courses and their study load which provide the theoretical and practical learning;
  • the learning outcomes as a set of knowledge, skills and competences acquired during the period of education;
  • way of graduation.

The assessment takes into account the acquired educational and qualification degree as certified by the documents submitted by the applicant.

When there is no educational degree specified in the documents, the recognition authority shall decide which educational and qualification degree corresponds to the acquired higher education according to the Bulgarian legislation.

A detailed scheme for the recognition procedure